Click & Collect and Online Returns

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Click & Collect and Online Returns.

Click and Collect is a customer service provided by retail companies that have retail stores in addition to their E-Commerce shop. The customer can order the goods online and have them delivered to a store of their choice. Either the goods are paid for when they are picked up, or they have already been paid for when they were purchased online. The customer usually has 7-10 working days to pick up the goods. 

These retail companies usually also offer their customers the Online Returns or Return-in-Store service. The customer can return goods purchased online to a store free of charge within the return period.

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Enable convenient collect and returns.

P R O D U C T   V I S I O N

“For the customer, the Click & Collect and Online Return services offer additional services along their customer journey. The services ensure a positive customer experience across all channels.”

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Services: Uncomfortable

Most of the customers still found Click & Collect and Online Returns to be uncomfortable

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Franchisees don’t care about brand image and customer experience

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